We will be attending the following events (although some still to be confirmed).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of events are being cancelled. Therefore, please check with us, before setting out for an event, in case the event has been cancelled last minute.

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!

In addition to the following  events ,  we  shall  also  be  holding  ad  hoc  collecitons  at  the  Nuneaton  Pets  at  Home  store,  as  we  are  their  Charity  of  the  Year  for  2020

May 2020

2nd - Last Chance Coventry Ferret Rescue Ferret show, Wyken Social Club, Coventry

16th  -  Croft  Country  Show

23rd  -  Millpool

24th  -  25th  -  Cropthorne  (TBC)

June 2020

8th - 5th July - Pets at Home, Nuneaton. Summer fundraiser for Support Adoption For Pets

13th  -  Tonks  Car  Show,  car  boot,  fete  

14th  -  Snitterfield  fete  

27th  -  Dunchurch  fete  

July 2020

18th & 19th - Party in the Park, Bedworth

18th & 19th - Pets at Home, Nuneaton
26th  -  Last  Chance  Coventry  Ferret  Rescue  family  fun  day  and  dog  show

This  will  be  our  3rd  Summer  event,  so  come  along  and  join  us  at  Coventry’s  War  Memorial  Park  from  11am  until  4pm  for  lots  of  fun,  games  and  excitement  for  all  of  the  family.  We  will  be  there,  along  with  some  of  our  ferrets,  as  well  as  a  few  other  animal  stalls,  craft  stalls,  food  and  drink  and  our  trusty  Vikings  will  also  be  joining  us!  As  well  as  all  of  that,  we  will  be  running  a  dog  show,  with  a  variety  of  classes,  including  a  special  ferret  class  (of  course)  so  bring  all  of  your  dogs  and  ferrets  along  with  you!

We  will  be  bringing  you  further  information  soon,  regarding  pre-booking  your  dog,  or  ferret,  into  the  show  classes.

August 2020

15th & 16th - Pets at Home, Nuneaton

September 2020

19th - Balsall Common Fete

19th & 20th - Pets at Home, Nuneaton

October 2020

4th  -  Court  Lane  Allotment  fair  

17th & 18th - Pets at Home, Nuneaton

November 2020

December 2020

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